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Football academy of Petr Čech 2014

Petr Cech Football School 2014 is open for English speaking children again

We open our football camp for English speaking children again. This will take place from 28.06. to 04.07.2014, and is designed for 20 participants (children from 7 to 15 years old). 

The kids will be training along with the rest of camp team and will be divided up into into different groups depending on skill and age. They will have an English speaking coach and can look forward to an exciting programme which has been modified to eradicate the possibility of any kinds of language barriers. Sport brings people together and hence we are convinced that both camp teams will get along well and new friendships will be created. :-) 

English speaking participants will have the opportunity to learn enough Czech to, at the very least, say hi to Petr Cech in his native language.

The total price for this football camp amounts to 399 EUR, which includes all the things necessary for participation (practices, programme, meals, accommodation, etc.). Registration begins to 10.03.2014!

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